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Card Payment Fees - Change in the law 13th January 2018

iWhat is happening?

From 13th January 2018 it will become illegal to charge extra to customers for paying by card. So if you charge your customer 50p/60p for example this will need to stop as it will become against the law. This includes the charge for online and card machines.

You will now need to add this cost somehow to your food costs like you do with other bills like Gas/Electricity.

What will happen if I still charge?

This will be advertised a lot on Radio/TV and on Social Media so your customers will be aware of it. If you continue to charge you are at risk of a large fine.

For more information you can see an article on the goverment website here >

What can I do?

As an alternative you could charge EVERY order an 'handling' fee on your website. However, this would need to be for cash, card and PayPal orders. This would mean you could for example add 50p to EVERY order that you receive. Therefore you could cover your card costs this way.

If you would like to add a 50p/60p handling fee to every order, please fill in a ticket at and create a ticket for a 'website change'.

If we do not hear from you we will just remove the charge so we are not breaking the law.

We will also be offering this as an option on website too.

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